Small town for big dreams

Lieto is a municipality of 20 000 inhabitants in Southwestern Finland with many villages and built-up areas. The city is constantly developing, and new residential areas are being actively planned: new detached houses and apartment buildings call to those who appreciate hassle-free living. The city is also known for investing in a thriving business environment.

Lieto is surprisingly versatile

Lieto is located right next to the center of the Southwest Finland province, Turku, yet it offers a charming small-town atmosphere. The location of Lieto is excellent: it is but a short drive from the center to Turku. Lieto is part of the Turku region’s public transportation system – Föli. At its best, a bus can take you from Turku to the center of Lieto in half an hour, following a straight road for 15 kilometers.

Lieto's goal is to densify the city center, and recently more apartment buildings have been built in the area. The center of Lieto offers its residents versatile spaces for pastime activities, such as the beautiful riverside or the central park. In Lietohalli, you can enjoy many sports, from climbing to ball games, and in the vicinity of the hall, there is a permanent mountain bike trail and a frisbee golf course.

Something that might interest especially families with children is that Lieto has several local schools and a central high school. Indeed, Lieto offers versatile services thanks to both the public and private sectors.

A nationally-valued landscape full of life

Lieto’s landscape is vast fields cut across by three rivers – Aurajoki, Paimionjoki, and Savijoki – of which Paimionjoki and Aurajoki are listed as nationally valuable landscape areas. In addition, many other important recreational destinations in Lieto, such as the Nautelankoski nature reserve and Littoistenjärvi lake, are popular among bird watchers and outdoor enthusiasts. In fact, Lieto is a great place to live if you appreciate outdoor activities and camping.

The area's long history, dating back to the Stone Age, is also strongly present here. In the Middle Ages, Lieto was already an essential part of the Finnish cultural landscape, as the settlement spread out and the land had to be cleared for cultivation. Along with the manors of Juva, Vääntelä, and Nautela, history can be felt in the surroundings of Vanhalinna ‘the Old Castle’. Perhaps it is thanks to its long history that Lieto still has plenty of thriving local village associations that organize activities for the residents’ enjoyment!

Lieto invests in thriving residents and entrepreneurs

Lieto is a popular city, and its population has been on the rise, increasing by an average of 1-1.5 percent per year. Lieto attracts especially families with children, and plots in the most popular areas are sold quickly. New plots are offered regularly, so those who dream of building their own house should actively follow available lots in Lieto. Besides young families, those approaching retirement have also been interested in moving to the area.

The excellent location is also attractive to companies. Located near the Turku border, Avanti is one of the region's most important business areas, providing many job opportunities. Lieto has been awarded in the Finnish Entrepreneurs' Municipal Barometer in 2016, 2018, 2020, and 2022 as the best medium-sized municipality for entrepreneurship in Finland.

Find out more about Lieto on the city's own website.

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