Create your story in Naantali

Naantali is a vibrant maritime city, located in the vicinity of Turku. Here, you can admire and explore the rich archipelago nature and unwind in the calming atmosphere of the islands. With its surroundings, Naantali attracts the attention of those who dream about building their own home. And with its ample services along the shoreline, the city has received recognition for its suitability for entrepreneurs too.

City by the sea with well-functioning connections

Naantali is a city of over 20,000 inhabitants, located in Southwestern Finland, with the provincial center Turku as its neighbor. The city of Naantali is characterized by its seaside location and the closeness of nature. While the city center sits close to the beach, the enchantment of the sea comes even closer in one of the vibrant islands of the Archipelago Sea. The largest islands in Naantali are Luonnonmaa and Otava. In total, Naantali has around 1,000 islands, and the length of the coastline is more than 1,000 kilometers.

Naantali has an unbeatable location and it is a pleasant city for those who appreciate a well-functioning public transportation. The city is a part of the Föli Public Transportation System, organized jointly by Turku and its surrounding municipalities. It means, for example, that a 16 kilometers’ trip to Turku will not be tedious, as the journey will take only half an hour. Also, Naantali's islands are easily accessible, as the regular ferry services run free of charge between the islands. During the warmer months, Naantali offers an access to Nauvo and the island of Seili with the Östern ship that operates the route a few times a day.

The residents of Naantali appreciate their home city

Naantali is a popular and much-liked living region, which is visible in different surveys ranking residents’ satisfaction on their area and its offering. The second most happy inhabitants in Finland live in Naantali, says Municipality Rating 2019 research, produced by EPSI Rating Finland.

Naantali, however, took the first and best place to live at a Municipality 2020 Survey, organized by the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities (Kuntaliitto). As many as 93% of residents said that Naantali would get a high ranking in a fictional ‘Good place to be and live’ competition (the average figure of all Finnish municipalities was 59 %). According to the aforesaid survey, the residents of Naantali said that the most important things in a municipality of residence are the pleasant surroundings of your home, good services and an easy access to the nature.

Naantali started with a convent

Naantali has its roots in the Convent of St. Birgitta, founded in the 15th century, originally named as Vallis Gratiae (Valley of Grace) in Latin, or Nadhendaal in medieval Swedish. This is also where the city got its name.

As the Convent was closed in the end of the 16th century, due to the Reformation, the city of Naantali experienced hard times for around 200 years. At that time, the city and its citizens tried to survive by weaving socks. A skill adopted from the nuns, sock weaving gave the citizens a small amount of earnings as they could even export the socks to other countries. The service sector gradually expanded, and the spa-ventures that began in the 19th century, facilitated a new bloom of the city.

Today, especially the medieval Naantali Church reminds the residents as well as visitors of the city's long-standing history. Near the sea, the Church is one of the landmarks enriching the city’s landscape. Also, the Old Town reminds us about the medieval era. Founded near the Convent, the Old Town served as a commercial market and a space to welcome arriving pilgrims. The visitors can sense the enchantment of the past on its narrow alleys, stone-paved streets, and charming buildings.

The climate in Naantali is pleasant for entrepreneurs and people longing for active lifestyle

Entrepreneurs thrive in the city – in 2020, Naantali's business policy was recognized as the third-best among the municipalities of Southwestern Finland as well as the municipalities with 10,000–50,000 inhabitants. In total, about 60 percent of jobs in Naantali are in the service sector.

The public services in Naantali are excellent. For example, there are own schools and kindergartens as well as other services for families with children even in the archipelago neighborhoods. School and kindergarten buildings will be renovated during the 2020 decade. For example, the new wooden school in Palva was completed in 2021. 

You will find leisure opportunities for many tastes in Naantali. The outdoor lovers enjoy the many nature trails, outdoor fitness equipments, local sports venues, skating parks, and frisbee golf courses. For adventurous residents, there are islands, maintained by the city, where one can go and explore on their own with a good pair of shoes and a tent to sleep in. Recreational fishing as well as boating provide a good way to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The youngest ones in the family will want to return many more times to the Moomin World, which is the most popular travel destination in Southwestern Finland, attracting numerous visitors across the globe.

Naantali is looking towards the future

Although the prominent history of Naantali can be vividly felt in the city center, the city is actively gazing to the future. The Old Town waterfront area is seeing many developments as new pier boardwalks and spaces suitable for events are appearing in the area, making the seaside more enjoyable for leisurely strolls and other activities. New apartment buildings will be constructed in the city center, followed by new services. As one of Naantali's goals is to multiply the number of inhabitants and companies on the Luonnomaa island, several steps are taken in developing the island even more vibrant and friendly. As the island hosted the Finnish Housing Fair in 2022, the future seems bright for new and existing residents.

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