Know Your Hoods has arrived to the Cities of Naantali and Raisio!

Susanna | 25.11.2020

Naantali and Raisio are highly appreciated among their residents, and from now on, you can find their fascinating neighborhoods on Know Your Hoods. In addition, residents can leave a review of their own neighborhood, which helps future residents find the best place to live!

Get to know the neighborhoods of Naantali and Raisio

On 26th November 2020, Know Your Hoods expands to include more than 20 new fascinating neighborhoods, as we started our cooperation with the Cities of Naantali and Raisio! Together with the neighborhoods of Kaarina and Turku, now you have even more options to explore in our search engine and choose the most suitable place to live.

Raisio and Naantali are popular cities to live in as they are surrounded by idyllic nature, have diverse services, and have their own unique atmosphere. Both cities are located right next to the provincial center of Turku, and it takes only about 15-30 minutes drive to reach the center of Turku by car. If you rather take a bus, you can travel with the local public transport Föli.

We have also noticed that both Raisio and Naantali are popular among those who dream of building their own homes. However, vacant plots seem to sell quickly, and many who dream of moving to these cities have to wait for the lot of their dreams for several years. Luckily, new stunning neighborhoods are already under construction, so those who dream of buying a lot should stay tuned!

Aerial picture of the landscape of Luonnonmaa and the area where the new Housing Fair Area 2022 Lounatuuli will be built. There are woods, fields, patches of sea and a few houses.
An ambitious development project for a new residential area is underway in Naantali, namely the 2022 Housing Fair Area Lounatuuli will be built on the island of Luonnonmaa. © The City of Naantali

Our users have hoped for expansion into new cities and the opportunity to evaluate their own neighborhoods. With this new version, both wishes have come true. Therefore, we would love to hear what it is like to live in these neighborhoods. The residents' comments provide valuable information for newcomers searching for their new home and for the cities to support regional development. How would you like your residential area to be developed?

Raisio - peaceful and rugged city in an excellent location

Raisio is known for its excellent transport connections and a good selection of malls, which are popular in neighboring municipalities and beyond. Well-maintained roads, good public transport, and fast connections attract people to drive through Raisio. Many have at least traveled along Highway 8, even if they haven't visited Raisio otherwise.

Modern apartment buildings in the center of Raisio.

However, from a window of a car you can only see a glimpse of Raisio - mainly a few interesting shopping malls and apartment buildings in the city center. Yet the peaceful, fresh and natural side of Raisio cannot be seen from the roads, and this is exactly the secret that the residents get to enjoy in their daily lives. Raisio has also surprised us with the versatility of its neighborhoods.

Raisio's treasures will only be revealed to those who stop to explore further. Right next to the verdant parks in the center of Raisio, you can explore the nature trails, along which you can get from the urban environment to the rural landscapes of Mahittula, the wooded hills of Kerttula-Pirilä, and even to the sea to Raisio Bay in Kaanaa.

Aerial image of the Raisio Bay where there is sea water, fields and woods in the horizon.
The trails around Raisio Bay attract outdoor enthusiasts and boats also have their own homes. © CYF

Often people think of Raisio as a city on land, but in Southwest Raisio, you can find one of Finland's biggest free-time marinas. The sea is truly present in people's lives there.

Most of the residents of Raisio live close to the city center in Kerttula-Pirilä, where the city services, well-maintained park areas as well as untouched nature are only a few minutes walk away. Also, Ihala, which is located between the centers of Turku and Raisio, is a popular neighborhood loved for its peaceful atmosphere.

Naantali - sunny living on the coast and in the archipelago

Naantali has gained a reputation throughout Finland as a sunny summer travel destination by the sea. Many have visited Moominworld as a child, spent a vacation at Naantali Spa, or stopped by the cozy surroundings of Naantali Beach while boating. But does Naantali appeal to its permanent residents?

Naantali Church pictured from the sea and boats in front of it in the harbor.
The center of Naantali is right by the beach. © CYF

Most of the residents of Naantali live within 4 kilometers of the center of Naantali in mainland residential areas. Residents enjoy the services of the center as well as efficient transport connections. However, in terms of surface area, most of Naantali is an archipelago: Naantali has more than a thousand islands, and the length of the coastline is up to over a thousand kilometers! So if you're dreaming about living by the sea, your dream can easily come true in Naantali.

Especially on the island of Luonnonmaa near the center, some new residential areas are under construction. One of the most interesting of these neighborhoods is the new housing fair area, Lounatuuli, which will be completed in 2022 for the Naantali Housing Fair.

Newly built apartment buildings by the sea close to the center of Naantali in Humalisto.
When one thinks of Naantali, one would imagine the idyllic wooden houses of the Old Town. But the city also rapidly rises up apartment buildings on the shore. The picture also proves that the sun does not always shine in Naantali either... © CYF
A man and a woman biking with bike bags on a concrete road by the sea on a sunny day.
...although it does shine quite often. The good weather delights adventurers, especially those heading for the Archipelago Ring Road. © Visit Naantali

What surprised us the most was the diversity and the size of the Naantali archipelago and the uniqueness of the areas of Merimasku, Rymättylä, and Velkua and Livonsaari. These lovely islands have been their own municipalities in the past. It was interesting to note how unique is the local culture that each of these gems of the archipelago represents.

Time to dive into Christmas time adventures: Naantali and Raisio Neighbohood Hunts are coming up!

Naantali and Raisio should be explored also in real life – not only online. Alongside other interesting Christmas events that the cities have, we are preparing two Neighborhood Hunts – one in each city. Neighborhood Hunt is an inspiring way to get to know the city by searching for checkpoints and answering questions that reveal something interesting about the city.

The Neighborhood Hunts will take place in Raisio on December 5th-6th 2020 and in Naantali December 12th-13th, 2020.

The wooden houses of Naantali old town have Christmas decorations on them on a snowy day.
Enjoy the Christmas spirit during Neighborhood Hunts. © City of Naantali

Mark these dates on your calendar or follow our Facebook and Instagram pages so you can keep up with the events!

Neighborhood Hunts have gained popularity in neighboring cities of Turku and Kaarina in the past, and they have attracted hundreds of navigators from all age groups. This time in Naantali and Raisio, the routes are slightly shorter than before and can be walked through in about an hour. So even if the weather wouldn't be the most pleasant, it will be worth going! The checkpoints will be located outside, which makes it easy to maintain a safe distance. And of course, there will be amazing prizes raffled among everyone who attends!

“It was so much fun! You got to go on a great adventure in your own hometown!" –Neighborhood hunter, in Turku on July the 25th, 2020.

What would be the best place for you to live in Naantali or Raisio?

You can get to know the neighborhoods of Naantali and Raisio in detail with our search engine. For example, you can search neighborhoods by the sea, by the fields or from the city centers – depending on what suits you the best and your current situation in life. At the same time, you find interesting information about the neighborhoods like statistics and stories of the residents.

We also encourage the citizens to get to know their hometown better and tell about their neighborhoods by leaving a review on Know Your Hoods. So go sign up and leave a review of your neighborhood! On Know Your Hoods, you can follow what's going on close to your corners and discover how others find your neighborhood.

-Susanna & Know Your Hoods Team


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