Worth a second look

Raisio is widely known as a commercial hub with excellent transport connections, just a stone’s throw away from the City of Turku. The residents can easily enjoy a lush nature, various recreational activities and a wide range of services.

Residents of Raisio are charmed by the diverse landscapes and well-functioning transport

Raisio is a fast-growing city of more than 24,000 inhabitants located in Southwestern Finland, next to the City of Turku. As the city’s slogan aptly says, Raisio is Worth a Second Look. The city surprises people with its rich and versatile natural landscapes: in Raisio there are various urban parks as well as peaceful nature paths. Yearly more than 10,000 visitors experience the enchanting luxury of flowers in the Rhododendron Park, maintained by the city.

The Raisio River, flowing through the city, gives it an individual character. As a matter of fact, the ancient settlement of Raisio was originally born on the banks of the Raisio River. The first known written information about the city can be read from a set of documents dating back to the year 1292. However, Raisio has been inhabited well before that, as evidenced by archaeological findings, dating as far as to the Stone Age and Iron Age.

The location of Raisio is excellent as it takes only around 10 minutes to drive to Turku, the provincial center, along Turun kehätie, Raisiontie, or Highway 8 (Valtatie 8). Raisio has a well-functioning public transport, managed by the Turku Region's Public Transportation System Föli. Föli buses bring residents to Turku in about 20 minutes.

The multifaceted business life

More than 1 600 companies and over 200 other business units form a wide service network within the city’s borders. Today, Raisio is ‘a shopper’s wonderland’ with its versatile shopping malls and department stores. As regional landmarks, you can find Ikea, Mylly (the largest shopping mall in Southwestern Finland), and Raisio Oyj (the listed foodstuff company).

In addition, along Turun kehätie one can find an area dedicated to selling passenger cars. The shopping hub of Raisio attracts people from Turku and its surrounding areas. Annually, more than 6 Million shoppers visit Mylly alone. Raisio has developed into a cozy and compact city with excellent services. Everything is close by and easily accessible.

Residents of Raisio have what to choose from

The residents of Raisio don’t run out of options in terms of housing as the city has a wide range of apartment buildings, terraced and detached houses. Cranes and construction sites have been a common sight within the city as the city attracts new residents. Traditional neighborhoods have partly transformed themselves due to the supplemental construction, and new districts and neighborhoods are planned and developed continuously. The city government will regularly launch lots for sale, making the city an excellent choice for those interested in building their new home. Raisio is a child-friendly city, as there are plenty of primary schools and day care centers.

Raisio is a vibrant city with various opportunities for employment and free time

The growing city has succeeded in keeping its’ service supply and employment self-sufficiency in an excellent level. Nearly every adult citizen could find a job in the city. The employment seems good, as the number of jobs in the region has increased slightly throughout the 21st century. A notable amount of the citizens are employed, in Turku shipyard either directly or through the sub-constructors. In the future, Raisio will be even more attractive, as the main road Turun kehätie will be turned into a tunnel which will make the city center modern and pleasant area.

People enjoy spending their free time in Raisio. For example Kerttula Sports Center offers tennis, football, or hockey fields. To relax in the nature, majority of residents just need to step out of their homes to access the invigorating outdoor trails. Also, worth mentioning is Raisio's lovely guest marina, which is the largest one in Finland and the gate to the beautiful archipelago of Turku.

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